$1.16 Million for Complex Four Car Accident Reconstruction

Lawyers at Adelman Hirsch & Connors represented the estate of an elderly gentleman who was killed (and his widow, who was seriously injured) in a four-car collision.

The car in front of our client's car, traveling in the same lane, collided with the first of two vehicles racing towards our client's car. As a result of that first collision, the oncoming car skidded along the road and crashed head-on into our client's car.

The issue in the case was which of the two cars that collided in front of our client's car was slightly over the centerline of the road. Because each of the parties had a different claim as to how the collision occurred, each presented testimony from accident reconstruction experts who, based on the physical evidence, offered their opinions as to how the collision occurred.

Because of the complexity of the case the trial lasted 16 weeks. The jury returned a verdict in favor of our clients totaling $1.16 million.