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3 Examples of Successful AHC Car Accident Cases in Connecticut

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Every car accident case is different and comes with its own set of unique complications. A skilled personal injury law firm, like Hirsch Andrade, can help you navigate the specific circumstances of your personal injury or wrongful death claim to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Here are three of our many success stories:

$1.16 Million for a Complex Multiple Car Accident Case

Our attorneys represented the estate of an elderly gentleman and his wife who were both involved in a four-car collision. 

The car traveling in front of our client’s car, in the same lane, collided with the first of two vehicles speeding towards our client’s car. The first collision caused the second car to skid along the road and crash into our client’s car. The elderly gentleman was killed in the accident, and his widow was seriously injured. 

As each of the parties had a different claim as to how the collision occurred, each presented testimony from accident reconstruction experts who offered their opinions as to how the collision occurred.

The trial lasted 16 weeks, at the end of which the jury awarded a verdict in favor of our clients for a total amount of $1.16 million.

$1.45 Million Settlement for a Father and Son Involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision

A New Fairfield architect and his 11-year-old son were driving southbound in their Mitsubishi sedan. In the northbound lane, the defendant was driving her station wagon, which hit a truck and pushed it across and into the way of the Mitsubishi sedan. 

The impact of the collision pushed the Mitsubishi sedan against a guardrail and caused the boy to hit his face on jagged metal inside the car, resulting in multiple facial fractures and severe skin damage on the left side of his face.

The boy had to undergo several operations to restore his fractured face and protect the vision in his left eye. He was also in need of follow-up procedures to treat his extensive scarring. Through mediation, we were able to obtain the total available insurance coverage of $1,250,000 for the boy.

The father, who witnessed his unconscious son heavily bleeding in front of him, thought he had lost his son. Because of this traumatic experience, he filed a claim for bystander emotional distress. Our legal team was able to obtain $200,000 for the father. 

$228,000 for a Highway Collision

A Connecticut attorney was injured in a motor vehicle collision that happened on I-84 East in Plainville. Her vehicle was heavily damaged, while the defendant’s vehicle was totaled. However, the defendant admitted liability the afternoon before trial.

The main point of contention was the extent of our client’s injuries. All her injuries were resolved except for her left shoulder, which continues to trouble her to this day. The client did not seek compensation for medical bills or property damage but only wanted recompense for past and future pain and suffering, and the mental and emotional injury caused by the accident. 

In the end, the jury deliberated an amount of $228,000 in favor of the plaintiff, which was $221,500 more than the insurance company’s final offer of $6,500.

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