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Can I Seek Compensation for a Car Accident If There Is No Police Report?


There are a few scenarios where there may not be a police report after an accident. For example, the accident could have occurred on private property. Or, it could be an accident in which the involved drivers simply didn’t know they needed to report the accident.

If you are in a car accident and do not have a police report, you may still be able to seek compensation.

How Important Is a Police Report? 

Police reports can prove extremely useful in providing evidence of fault. An officer’s report typically includes eyewitness statements.  The report can contain key observations such as skid marks, the position of the vehicles, weather conditions, time and location of the accident, and other critical details. All these details can also be used by an insurance company to determine fault.

Although the police report does carry merit and could expedite a claim, it is possible to prove fault without one. The reason for this is that although police reports can expedite a claim, unless the officer in question was an eyewitness to the accident, their opinion is typically inadmissible in court.

Proving Fault Without a Police Report

If a police officer doesn’t come to the scene, you can file a report yourself. Before doing so, ensure that you have collected as much information as possible about the incident. 

This includes:

  • photos and videos showing details of the accident site and vehicles involved,
  • the other driver’s information (identification, contact information, and insurance details),
  • any reports from eyewitnesses and their contact information, 
  • additional detailed information of the accident including the time, location, weather conditions, surroundings, and anything else you think is relevant,
  • any medical reports that were filed after the accident. 

Without a police report, you will need strong evidence to build your case. You can file an insurance claim without a police report, but the claim process may take longer. 

In Connecticut, Do I Have to Report A Car Accident to the Police?

Yes. In the state of Connecticut, it is necessary to report an accident to the police even when there is only minor property damage. In the case where the damage amounts to over $1,000, the accident needs to be reported within 5 days of the incident’s occurrence. 

When filing a car accident claim, with or without a police report, you need to file the claim within a certain limit, known as the statute of limitations. In addition, there may be certain notices that must be filed before the statute of limitations. Therefore, if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, reach out to the attorneys at Hirsch Andrade for help in proving liability.  We will do everything we can to seek the compensation you deserve for your damages. Visit our website or call us at 203-331-8888 for a free consultation today.


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