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Personal Injury Attorneys Respond to COVID-19 With Updated Services

Personal Injury AttorneyAs we live together in uncertain and unprecedented times, many law firms, including those of personal injury attorneys, are updating and redesigning the way they deliver services. At Adelman Hirsch & Connors, we believe that high quality legal representation  is important now more than ever, and we remain committed to safely prosecuting your case. As such, we are shifting the way that we do business and continue to represent you to ensure fairness, safety, and security for all.

Aggressively Pursuing Realistic Trial Dates

Even though we are currently facing a national pandemic, damages from personal injury do not discriminate and will not wait for restrictions to lift to impact you. For those who are currently involved in personal injury litigation, you can rest assured that Adelman Hirsch & Connors is actively and aggressively pursuing realistic trial dates that will take place as soon as possible, despite governmental limitations and social distancing challenges.

Our goal is to secure dates that will not require rescheduling but that will also take place promptly so that you are properly compensated for your injury. To help us accommodate realistic trial dates, we have ramped up on our ability to present cases, even when our team members are not physically able to present cases in the courtroom.

Virtual Trials for Personal Injury Attorneys

Connecticut courts are now offering virtual trials in light of the current pandemic. Our firm was involved in one of the first virtual trials since the onset of COVID-19. Other usual in-person activities that we have moved to the virtual realm include depositions, client consultations, mediations, and firm meetings.

We understand that these uncertain times can lead to anxiety about the effectiveness of virtual vs. in-person trials. Our clients can rest assured that we closely follow the executive orders put forth by the Governor regarding document notarization and confidential court affairs. Since we have engaged in virtual depositions in the past, our team already has a foundational experience when it comes to virtual services.

Will Virtual Trials Affect the Outcome of My Case?

Adelman Hirsch & Connors is proud to announce that the judgment of our first virtual trial was made in favor of our client. At this time, we are not sure when in-person trials will resume. Thus, for now, we strive to obtain similar results for all future trials.

New COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Clients

We understand that some clients still prefer and sometimes require an in-person meeting. While we have taken steps to set our staff up with work from home capabilities, we are still operating on an in-person basis with necessary COVID precautions put in place to protect our clients and our attorneys.

Whether you are seeking protection from vehicular accidents, drunk driving claims, surgical errors, medical malpractice, or other types of error or negligence that results in personal injury or wrongful death, our personal injury lawyers are waiting to represent you.

If you believe that your rights have been violated, contact one of the experienced attorneys at Adelman Hirsch & Connors today so that we may review your case and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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