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When You Need a CT Personal Injury Attorney


Connecticut Drivers: When You Are Injured, You Need a Personal Injury Attorney 

Any driver, even an experienced one, may be involved in a motor vehicle collision. In addition to suffering injuries, pursuing your rights after a collision can be costly, stressful, and overwhelming. If you are injured because of a motor vehicle collision, you may think you can handle the matter yourself. However, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible will allow you to focus on your physical recovery and alleviate you of having to deal with and worry about the day-to-day minutiae of a personal injury claim. 

If You Are Injured as a Result of a Motor Vehicle Collision in Connecticut… 

The sooner you contact an experienced personal injury attorney, the better opportunity they will have to expertly analyze your case and preserve evidence related to your collision, including taking photographs, interviewing witnesses, hiring experts if necessary, and protecting you from inadvertently hurting your own case.

When you are injured, you may be concerned about the payment of medical bills. Connecticut has unique laws regarding the payment of medical bills and a skilled personal injury attorney will assist you in making sure your bills are paid correctly, so that you are not stuck with the headache of dealing with insurance companies, medical providers’ billing departments and those asserting liens over your recovery—or worse, a collection agency.  Your lawyer will also collect and catalogue all your treatment records, ordering them from your providers, dealing with the copy fees, and evaluating your injuries through those documents.

If You Are Injured as a Result of a Motor Vehicle Collision Outside of Connecticut…

Still contact a Connecticut personal injury attorney. While a Connecticut personal injury attorney may not be able to litigate your case if the collision occurs in another state, they can assist you in finding the right attorney for you in another jurisdiction. Connecticut lawyers, like those at Adelman Hirsch & Connors, LLP, cultivate extensive networks of preeminent trial attorneys throughout the nation and can always be a reference to ensure that you are getting the out-of-state service you need and deserve. 

No Matter Where You Are Injured…

You should contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible because a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will be able to effectively fight for you and ensure that you receive fair, just, and reasonable compensation for your injuries and losses.

To find a personal injury attorney who has expertise, is held in high regard by their peers, and works closely with their clients every step of the way, call the personal injury attorneys of Adelman Hirsch & Connors LLP for a free consultation.  Once you hire us, all you need to do is focus on getting better. We handle the rest.

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