Car Accidents

Representation by a Top Car Accident Attorney in Connecticut

If you need advice and representation after a serious car accident, contact the personal injury attorneys in Bridgeport or Danbury. Our team of car accident attorneys in Connecticut works closely with clients to answer questions and provide information throughout the case. The experience each car injury lawyer brings to the table ensures they work on your behalf to complete the investigation and gather proof of damages to protect your interests and maximize the value of your auto accident case.

With decades of experience in auto accident litigation all over the state, our attorneys are leaders in the Connecticut Bar. We have written articles and lectured professional audiences on advanced topics in motor vehicle accident claims, auto insurance disputes, and the special problems in proof of damages. The experience of our accident lawyer team in Connecticut provides clients with a practical understanding of how to successfully handle these complex cases.

Our auto accident practice emphasizes early investigation, thorough inspections, and the preservation of physical evidence. We also strive to locate witnesses in a timely fashion, and when necessary, we work closely with a team of outstanding forensic experts to help develop the technical proof essential to the success of your case. Our firm's long track record of success enables us to commit significant legal and investigative resources to make the most of your case. A consultation with an auto accident attorney is at no cost.

Some of the potentially complicating factors in an auto accident case we can handle include the following:

In fatal accidents, our attorneys in Connecticut work directly and compassionately with surviving family members to understand the challenges they are experiencing. In some cases, an auto accident attorney may investigate a medical malpractice claim if there were complications in the treatment of the injured party after the accident.

Just as we emphasize close attention to detail in establishing liability against the defendant, we also carefully examine and develop the damages aspect of your case in order to make sure that no component of your loss is overlooked. In the most serious injury cases, we work with medical experts, economists, and life care plan experts to make sure your compensation will be sufficient to keep you comfortable during a long period of disability. We also represent the surviving families of fatal accident victims in wrongful death litigation.

For a free consultation about our ability to represent your interests effectively in an auto accident case, contact a knowledgeable Connecticut personal injury attorney in Bridgeport or Danbury.

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Your teams legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond our expectations. Again, we cannot thank you enough for the legal services that you have rendered on our behalf. Saul Cintron