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Disoriented Patient Falls and Breaks Hip

Our client, an 81-year-old woman was admitted to a nursing home to recuperate following surgery. When she was admitted, she was disoriented, and hallucinating about ice skaters outside the facility's window.

Over the hours that followed, she told the nursing staff that she saw smoke, cats, and "bad men" in her room. Despite these hallucinations, they left her alone and unsupervised in her bed. In the early morning the day after her arrival, the staff found her on the floor of her room, with a severe fracture of her hip.

We investigated the case, filed a lawsuit, and obtained a substantial six-figure settlement.

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Bob is one of the most experienced, qualified, ethical, creative and hard-working lawyers in the state. He is committed to his clients. He has worked hard for a more fair and equitable justice system. He is a trustworthy and likeable guy. He is an honor to our profession. Antonio Ponvert III
Exceptional. Michael Burrell handled my case and I can't thank him enough for the tremendous work he did on my behalf. He always explained things well, was very thorough, and followed through on every small detail. John Judd
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